This blog is a journal chronicling my journey towards emotional and spiritual mastery. The primary subjects are Therapy, Dream Analysis, Transformational Workshops and Psychedelic experiences.

What I am attempting to do with this blog is recreate in the modern context what it means to be a hero. The myths and fables of old were about the dramatic hero’s journey overcoming great obstacles. The narrative is usually viscerally spectacular and is meant to evoke and arouse those emotions at the deepest level of our being and to prompt us on our journey. The stories wouldn’t be great if they weren’t relatable. For we each are the hero’s of our own journey. I feel if we truly believed that we would make many different decisions overcoming personal fears instead of playing it safe. Hero’s aren’t made by playing it safe. Fuck that. This journey is fundamentally about overcoming personal insecurity by forging a deeper connection with the inner self. The result is supreme confidence and ability to create the reality one desires.

This blog while mostly spiritual in scope will also periodically be connected to the manosphere. It is my aim that through my own journey of empowerment I can help empower many others more specifically men but also women.

My intent is to create a new paradigm, to cast the modern day insecurity issues we all struggle with in a new light with corresponding novel solutions to firstly empower myself and hopefully inspire others to learn and empower themselves as well.

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