Cheat Sheet

This is a “cheat sheet” of things I am working on. This serves as important reminders to helping re-create myself. When I feel emotionally triggered by environmental factors in ways i do not desire this is what I can turn to as a strategy in order to re-program myself and become self-aware.

  • Vortexially focus my energy more in the center of my body. Practice diff locations, dan-tien, heart, root, solar plexus chakra
  • Practice dumping unwanted emotions out of my body. Carrying too much unnecessary stuff. Lesson from dreams.
  • Practice anger….feeling holding, in my vast emotional core. Use as my go to response if I suspect someone may be trying to pull one on me

Three dominant emotions I need to watch out for:

  • Disgust
  • Excitement
  • Time-pressure anxiety
  1. With disgust (judgment of other peoples insecurities) I need to appreciate them on a inner self/soul level
  2. With the interest-excitement (which occurs mostly in my head) I need to tune into my emotional core, and vortex/ contain it in there, and allow my peripheral body to relax especially my hyper-vigilant eyes
  3. Imagine and feel like I have all the time in the world. Expunge anxious-time energy from my body.

“Interest-Excitement” is actually an attachment disorder according to Bowlby

The best leadership comes straight from the expansive emotional core. In fact my whole life should be lived from there, rather than from head.

Use entactogens to expand the room in my emotional core to universe size, feel emotional energy flowing through.

Socially I shouldn’t try to make people interested in me, instead spend time with the ones that naturally are.

Before I can explore the depths of someone else, I need to explore my own first and use that as my basis.