INFJ the recluse – a description

INFJ’s have very powerful creative emotions and willpower. This works for good or for ill. Due to their strong paranoid tendencies If focused on the negative it can quickly lead to hopelessness and depression through increased negative feeling/thinking.

I describe INFJ’s as people who do best when taking abstract arcane/non-tangible information and bring it to the masses in a systematic and comprehensive way. They are system educators and paradigm changers. I find it critical they be engaged in activities along those lines creating and disseminating information. All that vast creative knowledge inside of them needs to come out and be expressed or else the energy becomes bottled up with no outlet turning to nefarious tones.

We are here in this plane to learn to manage power and energy. It’s creative expression is a vital part in maintaining it’s flow.

INFJ’s tend to be very sensitive to criticism, yet have no problem criticizing the state of the world. They tend to be quite dissatisfied with life’s terms.

Many INFJ’s are actors and musicians due to their natural ability for intense structured emotion. Famous INFJ’s include Madonna, Beyonce, Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington.

Teal Scott is also an INFJ and a good example of one using her talents correctly.

INFJ’s tend to have few friends and when they do it’s typically an ENFP. INFJs tend to be in one-up one-down relationships where they are on the up. Many times they are the leader of a small “tribe” or entourage of friends hanging at their coattails. They have difficulty handling conflict especially with their ideas and unless you agree with them on nearly everything and pay lip service to their sentiments they will likely ditch you quickly. They therefore have difficulty getting along with other strong personalities which is a real shame.

Collaboration is something they don’t due well, yet due to the nature of their big-picture interests is almost necessary if they want to begin realizing their goals. It’s a real paradox for them.¬†Their emotions can be quite mercurial. HItler was an INFJ taken to an extreme. Many church pastors, guru’s, cult leaders are also INFJs.

In addition to being good actors and singers they also make good writers. The internet in many ways is a perfect place for them where they can express their creativity from their reclusive place on YouTube, blogs, e-books and forums.


2 thoughts on “INFJ the recluse – a description

  1. JJ

    This is not a true description of INFJ. One would think you had a personal vendetta. Have you been hurt by an INFJ? In addition, Hitler was never around to take Jung’s test.

  2. Jesse

    Seriously can’t believe either Madonna or Beyonce are INFJs….!!! Madonna IMO seems to be an extrovert (energised by other people; always craving attention/limelight) and Beyonce may be an ISFP or a shy extrovert (ESFP) – does not come across at all as an INFJ (unable to see evidence of strong Ni; but plenty of evidence of a strong Se in both Beyonce and Madonna).


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